Young Dr. delivers woman’s baby, only for mom’s mouth to fall open at 2 week check when he says “I have something”

There are some people out there with genuine hearts of gold. And sometimes you find such a person where you least expect them.

A family doctor in rural Minnesota, Dr. Erik Bostrom, is one such rare person with a heart of gold. The thing he enjoys most is celebrating and honoring the births of babies he’s helped deliver into this world.

But helping deliver babies into this world isn’t the only reason Dr. Bostrom has made headlines.

The 33-year-old obstetrician works primarily with helping women to handle their pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum health has made quite the name for himself as the new doctor in rural Minnesota. Dr. Bostrom goes above and beyond his mandate by way of sewing and creating personalized blankets for the newborns he delivers!

At the start, Bostrom struggled with sewing, but persevered because he wanted to do something truly special for his patients. Since getting the hang of it, Dr. Bostrom’s hand-sewn a blanket for every baby he’s delivered.

Lacie Heitalati is one of Dr. Bostrom’s patients. She recently gave birth to a little girl, and had no idea the good doctor was going to surprise her with a personalized blanket on their two-week check-up visit.

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