Woman Sues Sephora, Claims Their Lipstick Tester Gave Her Herpes

Make-up is becoming an integral part of the beauty routine of most women. It is becoming an art and many women like the way makeup changes how we look and feel about themselves. At times, we wish that we had a slightly more defined nose, sharper cheekbones, a well defined jawline, and so on. We are ashamed about our dark circles, the marks left by acne, and the fine wrinkles that are a giveaway of our real age. Today, we have concealers to hide those dark circles, highlighters to make up cheek bones that aren’t really there, and lipsticks for fuller and luscious lips.

There are a number of brands of makeup available. Several different types in several colors. It is important to choose the right shade of makeup. Whether it is a lipstick or foundation or a concealer, the right shade matters. This is why makeup brands keep out testing samples. These samples can be tried on at the store itself and you can easily find a shade that suits you and take it home.

One of the things about testing samples when it comes to makeup is that often, there is only a single tester. The same tester will probably be used by a number of people. This is highly unhygienic and can cause diseases that are spread by contact. Below is the story of a woman who experienced something similar.

Sephora is one of the largest and most popular retailers of makeup. From nail polish to face masks, Sephora is the luxury go to store for good quality makeup.

On October 2015, a woman who resided in California decided to visit the retail giant to purchase some new makeup. As is usually done, she had to try out the different samples to decide her shade. She tried on several shades of lipsticks and finally came up with one that suited her. She paid for it and left.

What should have ended there took a completely different twist this time. The woman contracted herpes. Herpes is a viral infection that is usually caused by the herpes virus or the simplex virus 1, or HSV-1 to be more precise. It is quite painful and results in blisters known as cold sores or fever blisters developing around the mouth.

Herpes is spread by contact from a person who is already suffering from the infection. The symptoms of the infection may not always be visible. In fact, almost 70% of people carry the herpes virus although they may not exhibit the symptoms as such. This is why it is difficult for a person to know whether he or she has herpes. This in turn spreads the infection to other people through physical, skin to skin contact.

Health officials have confirmed that the woman was indeed suffering from herpes. The woman sued Sephora for incurable lifelong affliction on the grounds that she contracted this infection after trying on one of Sephora’s sample lipsticks.

Other than physical contact, herpes can spread by sharing makeup items, especially lipsticks as in the case of the Californian customer. Sharing lipstick or contact with gums, lips, and mouth, either by kissing, sharing utensils, or even from sipping from the same bottle. Individuals with visible symptoms of herpes such as cold sores should not share any items with others until the cold sores crust over and go away.

Always remember that it is quite easy to spread the infection even if there are no visible symptoms. Makeup retailers need to be extra careful when putting out the samples. It is advisable to dab the lipstick or makeup on a cotton swab rather than applying the makeup directly from the tube to the skin. Sampling makeup on the back of your hand is not a good idea either as the infection can spread to your mouth if you happen to touch it with your hands.

When interviewed about its quality following the trial against Sephora, they commented that they are very serious about the hygiene of their products and are trying to implement the best practices for keeping the store hygienic and infection free.

The typical symptoms associated with herpes are cold sores which are usually filled with fluid and can be quite painful. These sores have a tendency to break open and ooze. They then crust over and disappear. But, they return again. A few individuals may experience symptoms such as tingling and itching before the lesions heal.

It is best to go for a routine check up to find out if you have any such infections. A simple blood test is enough to detect the infection. Doctors may prescribe ointments and medications to help manage the symptoms of the infection.

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