Woman Shares How Her Dog Comforts Her When She’s Struggling Emotionally

We all need emotional support.  Sometimes it comes in unexpected places.

Jen Medrano is a dog mom to Watson and Kiko who mean the world to her. These adorable pups share so much love and affection that Jen feels that dogs are an important part of a human’s life. Apart from that, Watson provides Jen with the emotional support that she needs and offers encouragement during tough times.

People who are struggling with mental and emotional health can benefit largely from having a support dog. Jen has firsthand experience which she has shared in the video where Watson is seen trying to comfort her while she is traumatized. Jen shared the video on Instagram and mentioned how helpful it has been to have Watson support her after being diagnosed with PTSD.

Jen is thankful for having Watson in her life, she feels that she is blessed by God to have him support her emotionally. In the video Jen shared, she is seen sitting on the floor with her head in her hand. As soon as Watson notices her, he rushes to her and gives her hugs. He tries to snuggle until Jen processes her feelings and holds him.

Jen says that Watson has helped her immensely to take control of PTSD. She says she had enough time to reflect on many things during quarantine, and one among them was the thought that made her emotional. She felt lucky that she was blessed with Watson, an extremely loving and caring dog without whom she wouldn’t be feeling as happy as she is now.

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