Woman sees crying man forced to throw gift in airport trash – what she digs out breaks her heart

For the most part, we assume that most, or at least a major portion of the rules surrounding the TSA and airline safety are for our own benefit. The issue with them though is that, at times, they are the cause for many a heartbreak.

The story begins at an airport security checkpoint. A man is standing in tears, completely distraught over his predicament. He is forced by the authorities to get rid of a package that he is holding in his hands. He drops it off at the trash and carries on with his journey.

A couple nearby was watching this entire scene unfold and got curious as to what it was that caused a grown man to be moved to tears in the airport like that. They silently sift through the garbage and find the packet.

The packet has a small glass snow globe with a small picture of a little girl and an elderly couple next to it. The globe has a small engraving on the underside with the words, ‘we love you Katie- Nana Papa’. It was a gift from the little girl’s grandparents! Something that she will not get to keep and cherish.

The couple sprang into action and began to harness the power of social media. It was a story that needed to be shared and a gift that needed to be found and returned. After about 40,000 Facebook shares, in about a week and national news coverage, the child finally received the gift!

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