Woman runs backyard marathon in an attempt to raise money for a good cause

A content creator for The Running Channel, Anna Harding is isolated from her mother and stepfather in a suburb of London, England. Unlike many other people who are cozying up on their couch watching Netflix, Anna, an avid runner strapped her running shoes and did the unthinkable.

The novel coronavirus canceled all events that also included marathons, and Anna decided to challenge herself in a unique way to raise funds. With the global pandemic threatening every person exposed to it, running around the block was a bad idea. Anna had to set an example as well, for she was raising funds for a good cause.

She could have run four hours around the block and completed the marathon with ease as she always does. But given the circumstances, Anna felt the need to be sensible and decided to run laps across her tiny garden and complete the full 26.2 miles. With each step she took, she thought of all the frontline workers who dedicated their lives to save others.

Every moment of her run was captured by her family and Anna requested her viewers to donate to the UN’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. It took her over six hours straight to finish the marathon that usually took her four hours as she had to slow down and take a turn every 32 feet or so. With every step, she prayed to God to help the heroes of the front line who were fighting COVID-19 to save lives. During her last lap, her loved ones held a strap of toilet paper to give a proper finish to the marathon, and a tinfoil medal was presented to her for her accomplishments.

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