Wedding ceremony interrupted by voice from the back – bride turns around and can’t help but sob

Couple’s Wedding Interrupted – Tears Followed

Oh, our wedding day. We fidget, dream, plan, and spend loads of time and money on making it unforgettable. Of course, we do these things, so everything goes as planned on the big day. Our goal is no unwanted surprises or mishaps.

Neil and Tricia stood in front of their family and friends, the priest before them and altar boys tucked around the corner of the communion table waiting to serve. The day was unfolding perfectly.

Their favorite hymn – sung by the priest began. Soon they would be pronounced man and wife. Their joy was evident.

Then, in the middle of the perfectly planned song, something unexpected happens.

Unbeknownst to the happy couple their friends and family conspired to surprise Tricia and Neil by joining in on the song.

As different members of the audience stood up; each added a line from “How Great Thou Art,” eventually building to a full choir of loved ones. Tears and smiles adorned the faces of the bride and groom.

As the final notes of this majestic song rang out the whole room erupts in applause. God is indeed great, and through their friends, we see the blessing of love and beauty gracing the lives of this happy couple.

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