U.S. Marines Create Hilarious ‘Pitch Perfect’ Parody That’s Gone Viral!

The U.S. Military does a lot for our country. They protect us from invaders and fight for us in the event that we get attacked. It’s been said that “as you sleep peacefully in your beds, our troops will be standing guard, ready to give their lives for the cause of freedom.” God has strengthened their hearts so that they’ll serve our country without being weary or disheartened. But the U.S. Military also needs hobbies – things to do for enjoyment. So they made a parody and they chose the critically acclaimed movie, Pitch Perfect to do it.

Since its release in 2012, it has been a fan favorite with its empowering messages, hilarious storyline, and of course, it’s incredible singing. Since the movie first came out, there have been many parodies and skits that popped up all over YouTube. None of these parodies can even compete with the one created by none other than the Marine Corps. The video begins with two men who are in uniform. One of them takes off his hat, does a mock hair flip, and says, “Hi, my name is Cynthia Rose.”

The video then takes a turn and cuts to the iconic audition scene from the original movie. The Bellas and the Treblemakers sit in an auditorium while potential singers audition to join their acapella groups. The audition tape cuts to the original Cynthia from the movie and then back to the marine who’s lip syncing the song in the movie. This makes for an outrageously funny mashup.

The different singers are portrayed by different marines. So every time a new character is introduced, a new marine introduced. And every time a judge speaks, it cuts back to the original scene from the movie. So ultimately, it looks like the marines are the ones auditioning for parts in the acapella groups. It’s a brilliant parody that is guaranteed to have you laughing through the whole scene. Some of the marines get super invested in their roles and even add in some impromptu dance moves and facial expressions.

In the movie, one of the singers, Bella, who is played by Anna Kendrick arrives late. But she’s still allowed to audition and does her rendition of the song ‘Cups (You’re Gonna Miss Me)’. She makes the beat by tapping the cup on the floor while drumming with her hands. This is one of the most iconic scenes in the movies. In the parody video, however, a marine walks in, mouths the words, “Hello. Um, I didn’t know we had to prepare that song,” empties a cup holding erase markers and starts doing Cups! His version is the exact replica of the original and he nails the song through and through. He must have had days of practice to be able to nail the seemingly difficult routine.

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