Steve Harvey goes crazy with laughter as contestant completely misses the buzzer

Spending time with your friends and family is one of the best activities that you can do. Family time during dinner, TV or otherwise is important for improving the bonding within the family. Family Feud is one of the most popular TV shows loved by audiences of all ages. The format of the show is fairly simple where contestants walk up to a podium on the stage and try answering questions before the other contestants. There are two players involved and the “quiz” is conducted based on a buzzer. The contestant who taps the buzzer first gets to answer the question and wins points.

Take these contestants here. The host has asked a fairly simple question- “which business makes the highest profits during valentine’s day?” One of the most interesting features of the show is that the questions are simple and intuitive which excites not only the audience but also the contestant. As you can see in this video the man on the right got incredibly excited and tapped the table instead of the buzzer.

What follows is uncontrolled laughter both from the host of show, the audience and the other contestant. She understood what happened and constantly commented “He didn’t press it, did he?” The host of the show was beyond words as he couldn’t control the laughter that was just bursting out of him. These are small moments of pure fun and joy that makes these family shows such a success.

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