‘Thank you God!’ Grandma’s rent gets paid thanks to viewer donations after watching her story

After being threatened with eviction in March, a grandma who took custody of three grandchildren can finally breathe a sigh of relief. After watching the story 10 days ago on local news and on social media, viewers came together to give Geneva Weeks over $5,000 towards her rent. Some sent up to 1,000 dollars directly to her property manager so she can stay in her home with her three grandchildren (all under the age of 10).

The news Monday morning surprised her, and emotion overwhelmed Geneva.

“Thank you, Jesus! He answered my prayer. He answered my prayer…I’m so full of joy. I thank God,” said Geneva who was brought to tears. The timing couldn’t have been better. Geneva received a letter for court because of her rent on Monday morning, but she doesn’t need to worry. Her landlord confirmed the appeal is probably in the pipeline before the company has received the donations, and the matter should be dismissed. Best Wishes to you and your family. I’m just exhausted from the joy that people have done for me and these babies,” said Geneva sighing.

She now says that she can look forward to a new3-bedroom apartment, which the Office of the Mayor helped her find in the summer.

“I can breathe better. I can enjoy my babies more now…. There are some good people in this world, and I thank God for them,” Geneva said.

That’s not all though, donations are still coming in, so the total raised will certainly grow in the coming weeks.

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