Teen Loses More Than 100 Pounds Walking to School Every Day, Drastically Changing The Way He Looks

A teenager is getting a very well-deserved shout-out after an incredible weight loss. Michael Watson, a high school senior, walked to school every single day — no matter the weather conditions — his sophomore, junior and senior year.

Michael Watson, 17, was recently highlighted on his school’s Facebook page. The senior student from Ohio has undergone an incredible and inspiring transformation and his journey has went viral.

For many years, Michael struggled with his weight. It got to a point where he couldn’t walk for long distances and was constantly out of breath.

“It was just a disaster,” he says.

The 6-foot-4 inch teen weighed 335 pounds and was often bullied about his weight.

As a junior at his Canton, Ohio, school, Michael Watson decided to make a commitment to walk to and from school every day, about 20 minutes each way. And he made some changes in his diet.

When he walks across the stage at graduation later this month, the McKinley High senior will be 115 pounds lighter.

One low moment came when a classmate told Watson he had something on his chin. When Watson rubbed his chin, the boy told him, “‘No, third one down,'” Watson said. “That really hurt.”

Moments like that fueled his walking.

Even if Watson wanted to take a day off, he couldn’t. “I didn’t even know when the bus came,” he said.

And on days when it was pouring rain, people would ask if he would like a ride. Michael would always decline.

The boy who was too afraid to approach girls now says he’s surging with confidence. After the weight loss, he has no problem asking one out. Way to go Michael!

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