Teenager Gives Prince Harry And Meghan Markle A Hand-Drawn Portrait

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently wed in what was one of the most elaborate Royal weddings since Prince Harry’s parents tied the knot in the eighties. Millions watched the televised event, and since then the two newlyweds have shied away from the spotlight as much as they can.

When they do go out, it is with the paparazzi in tow, filming their every move. While this is the norm for the British Royals, the paparazzi’s intrusion must be incredibly annoying to them though we are grateful for the gift of this story we gain from it now.

On a recent trip outside of Britain, the couple met fans (subjects) in Ireland. The world loves Price Harry’s and Meghan’s love story, and 19-year-old Chloe Mullins in no different. As an artist, she spent weeks drawing a photorealistic picture to gift to the couple.

While flowers and other gifts are often thrust into the hands of the royals as they pass by, it was a wind-whipped sheet of paper that caught Prince Harry’s attention. Once the couple got close, the picture flabbergasted them.

“That’s very, very good!” Harry exclaimed. “And you’ve given me more hair!” The compliments did not stop there. Markle agreed the drawing was excellent and looked very similar to the original engagement photo it was based on.

Harry and Meghan were so impressed by Chloe’s work; they asked if they could take the drawing with them. The exchange was such a unique and encouraging experience Chloe took to Instagram to share it. Since then, she’s gained new fans of her own. What a great tale of what can happen when you follow your passions and develop your God-given gifts.

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