Susan Boyle Returns To ‘America’s Got Talent’ 10 Years Later And Earns Coveted Golden Buzzer

The world first met Susan Boyle back in April 2009, when she performed “I Dreamed a Dream” on Britain’s Got Talent and became an overnight sensation.

Americans celebrate talent. We love the spectacle of celebrity, and we applaud hard work. What better way to enjoy all of these things accumulating in one place by watching “America’s Got Talent: The Champions”?

This new series on NBC highlights talent from around the world. Previous contestants, fan-favorites and former winners, all come together to give it one more shot and gain the respect of the world and take the proverbial crown.

This contest is rife with talent, drama, and great backstories. One such contestant is a fan favorite: Susan Boyle. Runner-up in Season Three of “Britain’s Got Talent” Susan is back to take a stab at the number one spot.

Though, let’s face it, while Susan took second place on the Britian’s Got Talent, she’s taken the world by storm.

We are merely “Boyled” over by her tenacity and talent.

“’Britain’s Got Talent’ absolutely changed my life,” she said.

This shy and unassuming woman first struggled under the weight of stardom but has bounced back resoundingly. When asked by “America’s Got Talent” how she felt about being called “champion” by the show her reply reflected her humility.

“A champion for those who maybe don’t have the confidence to do things. For those who maybe don’t have a voice, but ones who people tend to ignore. I feel I’m a champion for them,” she answered in her soft Scots brogue.

As her audition began and the lights go down the anticipation mounts. “Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones seems an odd choice, but the sweet, smooth tones of Susan’s voice shaped the lyrics beautifully. The production value of these auditions steps above the typical format.

The crowd loved it, and all four judges stood to their feet as she finished.

“I can’t think of any other contestant that better defines this show more than you…I am absolutely thrilled you are here,” Simon said.

Mel B agreed and bestowed the Golden Buzzer to Boyle. “You should’ve got that the first time.” Mel B told Boyle as she hugged her. We couldn’t agree more Mel.

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