Supermarket Worker Goes Viral for Serenading Customers Standing In Line Outside

The pandemic that the world is facing now is hard to ignore, just like the sweet voice of an employee of Waitrose supermarket in Bracknell, England. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Louise Crawford, an employee at the supermarket stepped outside to serenade the customers waiting outside. The shoppers lined outside couldn’t resist but to appreciate the talent when they heard her sing.

Louise Crawford a 29-year-old struggled to make a mark in the entertainment business. She sang on cruise ships and hotels before she started working at a Waitrose supermarket near her home. Working at the welcome desk there, she never expected that she would be singing in front of her colleagues, or in front of store customers lined up outside waiting to get in.

Teresa Rae, Assistant Team Manager at the supermarket had the idea of sending Louise to sing and keep the customer’s spirits up while they waited for their turn. When Louise started to sing, the listeners were in for a treat, and they knew instantly that she was born to be a star. She started with ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ by Dusty Springfield which also streamed live on Facebook by Teresa.

Louise wore sunglasses and the supermarket apron over her uniform and became a viral sensation. She also sang classics such as ‘Flashdance’ by Irene Cara and ‘Maggie May’ by Rod Stewart. Her clips went viral with strangers asking hit-makers like Simon Cowell to give Louise a record contract.

Though people waiting were entertained immensely and Louise became a viral sensation, the supermarket decided not to do any street performance due to social distancing norms. God’s way of working is unique. Had Teresa not asked her to entertain the customers while they waited, Louise wouldn’t be a viral sensation.

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