Stranger Interrupts Subway Jam Session, Starts Epic Rap And Totally Steals The Show

Big cities are filled with all types of interesting and talented people! One of the best places to “people watch” is on the subway because you can see such a diverse group of people from different walks of life all in one place! Another great thing to see on the subway is street performers.

Subway riders on the Frankfurt’s S-Bahn got a real treat when they got to heat these street performers back in April 2016. When one of the performers, Kiddo Kat, started playing Prince’s “Kiss” on the guitar, another woman named Heidi Joubert jumped in to handle the percussion. The entire jam session was brought to the next level about halfway through the song when an unexpected soloist jumped in!

That’s right, one of the passengers on the train started singing along with them! Nobody knew it, but the passenger was actually a performer himself, and he had just happened to be riding on that train that day. The man’s name is Ozzy Lino, and he is a singer,songwriter and a musician who grew up in Australia. He has been singing since he was very young and is incredibly talented! Don’t believe us? Just watch the video below to listen for yourself:

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