Soldier Deployed 1 Yr Hides Under Blanket, Dog’s Reaction To Finding Him Is Incredible!

Any dog owner knows the excitement their furry friend show when you return after a long time away. When a soldier comes home after a long deployment, there are many touching and emotional reunions that follow. However, one of the sweetest reunions to see is a soldier and their pet!

This soldier was deployed for 11 months. He spent those 11 months aways from his beloved family, including his dog. Everyone was so overjoyed to see him again, but no “welcome home” was quite like the one he got from his pooch! His wife had the camera out and ready as her husband hid underneath a blanket. You can see the confused dog walk in, already suspicious of what what going on. He starts sniffing around and makes his way over to the blanket the soldier is hiding underneath. Finally, his daddy pops his head back out from under the blanket to surprise the excited dog! And this dog could not have been any more overjoyed!

There is nothing quite like seeing your dog again after a log time away, and this soldier got the best welcome back he could have imagined from his dog!  Watch their entire reunion in the adorable video below:

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