Simon Told Her The Song Choice Was Nuts. Seconds In, He’s Forced To Eat His Own Words

God blesses us with music and the ability to sing praises to him! Music is truly wonderful, and it’s no surprise that many tv shows take the art of music and make a competition out of it. One of these brilliant tv shows is The X Factor.

Chloe Paige was auditioning for The X Factor and was about to sing a song a capella. Before she could even begin, Simon Cowell doubted her choice. But Chloe knew that singing a capella would be the best way to showcase her voice, so she went ahead and performed it that way anyway.

The song that Chloe chose to audition with was Amazing Grace. It was written by John Newton back in the 1700s and has become famous for it’s inspiring words. Simon looked at Chloe and uttered “You’re a brave girl” right before she began, but then she opened her mouth to sing and everyone was shocked!

Chloe did an amazing job singing this classic, and the audience was roaring with applause. Not only that, but she completely blew Simon away! Watch the entire performance in the video clip below:

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