Simon Reacts To Choir Coming On His Show And Performing A Christian Song On TV

Recently, the country remembered the voice of Gospel as 100 beautiful souls as shook the stage on Britain’s Got Talent. No one doubted even for a second that they would make it directly to the semi-finals. They received a passionate standing ovation after rendering the crowd that was mesmerized with their beautiful rendition of “I’ve Got My Mind Set on You”. It didn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the public decided to crown them with the highest number of votes and they went right to the finals without any hassle.

While every viewer felt a rush as they watched this performance, to a Christian viewer, it was something else altogether. The comments made by the judges after the first audition felt like they had almost been through a transformative experience. This emotion was expressed by all the judges, with Amanda Holden speaking about her elatedness and how it had grabbed her to the extent that it couldn’t get out of her “quick enough”, and David Williams feeling invited to join in. This emotion also permeated across the other judges and the rest of the crowd. Alesha Dixon was more or less left speechless. To her, the voice in the room was everything that she believed to be heaven.

This emotion resurfaced after their performance of last night. All the judges had nothing but praises with which to shower the contestants. David Williams, shouted in joy, certain that he was in some kind of religious “musical ecstasy”.  Everything that divided the crowd was blurred and they were taken into a different dimension.. The look of adulation on their faces was unmistakable, and it was abundantly clear, that the 100 Voices of Gospel had won millions of hearts again.

Simon called this choir the best he has ever heard. it was also important to note, according to Amanda, the reasons for the choir coming together. It was more than just physical. There was a spiritual force behind it, a force that guided them. She talked a kind of faith that should be celebrated, and to her that is the only kind of faith there really is.

As mentioned before, David Williams felt invited, and maybe that is what this was all about. Maybe the music sang to those tunes. Maybe it was a calling to join in a cause, to join in something that is bigger than oneself. In Mere Christianity, C.S Lewis speaks of those desires that draw us to a larger truth, a truth that can finally only be God. These are the desires that connect us to the world, but also go beyond that which exists in the natural world.

Perhaps it was this desire that drew David Williams in and reminded Alesha of her heaven, but the one that can but said without a doubt is that the power of music brought a diverse people together and closer to God.

Simon Cowell – Fun Facts you need to know

If you watch reality shows, you love him! Simon Cowell is now a household name, he is a loved and a celebrated media figure. While he shot up to fame in 2002 when he helped launch American Idol, he has been in the music industry long before that. If you’re a Simon Cowell fan, then there are a certain things that you definitely know. You would know about his love for pure black and white Tees or his hatred for pitchy-ness, but I’m just as certain that there are a number of things that are still yet to be discovered!

He dropped out

Yes. He dropped out of High school like many other celebrities have done. The fact that he is a multimillionaire has nothing to do with his qualifications (no surprise there!). He was kicked out of a number of schools before he decided to drop out altogether. He hated the rigid discipline of school as well as the boredom and sarcastically mentioned that learning about Newton’s theory wouldn’t play a part in his future.

He has that little child in him

He is still into cartoons. He has a love for old cartoons, like the Hanna-Barbara ones. In fact, watching cartoons is almost a ritualistic part of his life. He does so everyday while eating breakfast. Part of the reason that he does so is that it wouldn’t depress him the way news would.

He gives his doggies a whole lotta love

Not only does he love taking baths, which is a fairly common thing, he does doing so with his three little doggies. Their names are Yorkies Freddie, Squiddly and Diddly.  He makes it abundantly clear that he is super attached to his doggies. He loves them so much, that he would let them sleep with him, and occasionally let one take a bath with him.

He was arrested at age 12.

At the age of 12, he was arrested as he hijacked a bus with a toy gun. He says at Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he was very misbehaved as a child and that is the reason he did so. He also mentions that this was without a doubt the “naughtiest thing” he had done in his youth, though he claims he had done it purely as a joke. He had threatened the driver with the gun and ordered him to take the bus to Watford. Unbeknownst to him, several police cars were waiting at the Watford.
If you knew a bit about him before, you know a lot more now. He is one of the most exciting media figures. If you found this list exciting, there is definitely a lot more to know about him. The list of exciting facts about Simon Cowell is endless.