Shocked witness films massive ‘boar king’ eating from dumpster

God has filled this world with incredible animals! Some animals are cute and cuddly, some tend to gross us out, and others just outright terrify us! A video is now spreading rapidly across the internet that shows a monster-size wild boar standing on its hind legs to raid a dumpster in Hong Kong.

The terrifying video was posted on Facebook by Tu Dong. The clip shows the giant pig picking through a dumpster while two of its piglets are standing nearby and waiting for their share of the feast! Of course, commenters are going crazy over this video! Many of them have expressed concern for the safety of children at a nearby elementary school with the so-called “boar king” running loose. Wild boars are commonly in Hong Kong, however, they generally steer clear of public areas. I would sure be afraid to see a giant boar like this, would you?


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