She’s 105. He’s 106. The world’s oldest living couple celebrates 80 years of marriage.

The world’s oldest couple is celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary proving that true love can last a lifetime.

105-year-old Charlotte Henderson and her husband John, who’s 106, have been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest living couple.

December 22nd officially marks the couples wedding anniversary, but the Longhorn Village Senior Living Community where they live in Austin, Texas, decided to throw them a party a little early to honor the upcoming milestone.

Family and friends gathered and toasted the couple for their amazing eight decades of love.

John and Charlotte first met back in 1934 at the University of Texas, in the middle of the Great Depression. Charlotte was studying to become a teacher at the time and John was playing as a guard for the Texas Longhorn football team, reported by CBS DFW.

The couple’s wedding day came just five years later, as the Second World War was beginning.

John also holds the title of oldest living former University of Texas football player, and attends at least one football game each season he says.

So we know what you are wanting to ask. What is their secret to a successful marriage?

Well they told KXAN-TV just that. “Take every day in stride. Try to make tomorrow a better day than today,” John said.

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