She Sits At Public Piano And Instantly Becomes Internet Sensation – Was Till You Hear Her Song Choice

Music is a language. Some researchers believe babies may recognize and respond to music in utero. No wonder mothers strap headphones to their bellies and play music for their growing little ones.

Early exposure to music may help develop musical talents in younger children, and this may be the case for one young girl, Diane. She is a passionate player as well, which is great since her passion matches her talent.

Her eyes look straight ahead on the tiniest sheets of music as her fingers fly across the keys. She plays popular songs like Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and the theme from “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

She plays a public piano which sits in the lobby of a busy hospital, so visitors, workers, nurses, and doctors stop to hear her play.

Diane’s poise is impressive. Many young musicians balk at performing in public, but Diane is unphased by the attention. Her focus is on creating great music. Even when she hits an extra key or two by mistake, she remains unflustered and keeps going.

Hospitals often use music therapy as part of the treatment for their patients, but this treat was for more than just those on the ward. The people nearby enjoyed her playing. When she finishes, the room explodes in applause. Watch the video for yourself and tell us what you think. Isn’t she a talented young lady?

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