Scientific research confirms that youngest siblings are the funniest

Your siblings are probably among the most important people in your life.

From the beginning you’ve played and practically done everything together, but for the longest time one question has remained – who’s the family comedian?

You might want to guess that it’s the older sibling, but turns out that studies have shown that the younger sibling is usually the comic of the family!

According to the newly released study, the oldest sibling typically has some increased level of responsibility for their juniors, which leads to a more serious and somber approach to life. As their parents’ attention starts to move over to the new arrivals, the first-born child may also have to adopt more learning as they attempt to navigate the world under less guidance.

It appears from the research that being an older or younger sibling has a large impact on your personality – and when it comes to being more humorous, the youngest sibling has everyone else beat.

This study was conducted in the UK in 2015, but it is likely the results are standardized across the board in most western countries.

The study makes it clear that there are big differences between youngest and oldest siblings.

Send this over to your sibling and see what they think!

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