Santa Caught Praying Beneath Jesus After Visiting Children in Hospital

“What a great reminder of the reason for the season.'”

As a kid, it was always a big deal to get dressed up and go to the mall to visit Santa. I’d put on a cute little festive outfit and try to remember exactly what I would say to him when I sat on his knee.

Unfortunately, not all children are able to participate in these things many kids take for granted. Many little ones spend their holidays in hospitals.

Parents, family, and friends do their best to entertain and cheer up the kids, but usually, their eyes light up when Santa shows up.

One Santa not only brought gifts for the kids, but he also brought prayers. After leaving the little ones, a woman captured Santa in a moment of prayer. He was in his Santa coat, on his knees praying just below a framed picture of Jesus.

She took a picture of this moment and shared her thoughts on social media.

Her post read:

“I keep getting choked up with this photo,” Mariana Whitley Tumlinson wrote. “Today, after Santa visited our patients and was on his way out, he noticed our Chapel.”

“He asked if he could go in and pray for the kids he just visited.”

“I, of course, said yes,” she continued. “I didn’t walk in with him right away but when I did I was so moved by this image I had to capture it.”

“What a great reminder of the reason for the season.”

The message has touched many who left positive remarks and shared the image.

Let’s pray for children in need of healing and strength for their families to stay encouraged.

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