Reporter’s Brilliant Parody Of ‘Let It Go’ Has The Internet Rolling In Laughter

The news can be really hard to watch sometimes because of all the depressing things going on in our world. Another thing that many of us hate watching is the local traffic report because that also usually brings about bad news! One traffic reporter decided to pep up his audience a little more and reach out to his viewers in a unique (and hilarious!) way!

The reporter, Bob Herzog, sure knows how to make his viewers laugh! Bob is lovingly referred to as the “Traffic Man” locally. In fact, he is well know because he has parodied songs for Cincinnati viewers for a while now. The weather is getting colder, so Bob wanted to take this opportunity to inform his viewers about winter driving safety.  Bob decided to do this by parodying Idina Menzel’s hit song “Let It Go” from the hit Disney movie Frozen. Bob’s new parody song was titled “Just Don’t Go.”

There are many funny lines in the song, it starts out with “The snow blows right on the roads over night, not a lane strike to be seen. A town with no transportation – and the info comes from me…”

Later on it continues : “Highways are crawling like some slow ants in a line. They won’t all stay in, heaven knows I try…. They can’t stay in, so they must see. Be the traffic man you have to be. The wheels they squeal, spinning the snow. And now they know… Just don’t go!”

Now everyone, not just the locals, will tune into to watch Bob’s traffic reports just to see what he will do next! Watch his hilarious song for yourself in the video clip below:

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