Refugee Falls To The Ground After Being Reunited With Wife & Kids After 4 Long Years

Family means a lot. When you’re with your family, you feel safe and loved. You know that no matter who’s against you, your family will always be there for you with their undying love and support. A family that prays together stays together. God is fond of the strong relationships that we form with our families. He has lots of blessings in store for those families who stay strong through trying situations. Dyan was separated from his Sudanese family four years back. He was in a refugee camp while his pregnant wife and two kids were safe in the States. His wife soon met two very compassionate women at the North Fort Worth Church and a ministry to aid refugees started. The ministry now has over 100 people who are volunteering to help refugees in that area.

The church also prayed for Dyan to be reunited with his family and after a long 4 years, their prayers were answered. The video details Dyan’s reaction when he sees his family after the long wait. He embraces his 3-year-old son for the very first time and his only reaction is to fall to his knees and thank God for his goodness. Rather than being bitter over his time in captivity, he raises his hands to heaven in surrender.

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