Patient Whispers One Final Wish To Her Nurse Before Her Passing. He Grabs His iPhone And Grants It

It can be a great honor to be at someone’s side as they breathe their final breaths. That moment is exceptionally special because it is the final moment of that person’s life. That means if you are there and are able to give them even a little bit of joy or ease some of their pain as they pass over into the afterlife, you did a wonderful thing.

Dying is a very scary experience for most people. There are a select minority of people who can approach it without fear or trepidation, but the vast majority of people don’t want to leave the life they have and the people that make it so special. While Maria rested in her deathbed, she longed for one thing and one thing only – to hear music before she passed. Because Maria spent her life and career teaching students how to play the piano, she did not want to pass on from this world without hearing some music. Her whole life she had lived and breathed music, so that was why she wanted to be surrounded with it during her final moments. One of her students happened to be by her side while she was dying. He worked a job in hospice care and was there with Maria as her life drew to a close.

Although Joshua is now a gainfully employed adult, he started studying piano under Maria when he was just nine-years-old. He remembers those music lessons fondly because she had been his singing and piano teacher for years. She was the one who believed in his musical abilities and helped bring them forth. Without her teaching, Joshua never would have had the talent he has today. He credits her for being the guiding light as he journeyed through the process of musicality. Because Maria helped instill a passion for music in him, Joshua will forever be grateful for her, so he was more than happy to oblige her dying wish that day in hospice care when the video (included below) was recorded.

Maria’s final wish was simple. She wanted to hear the song “How Great Though Art” sung for her before she passed on from this world. Joshua happened to be there and was ready to let his voice do the work for him.

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