Parents Of 10 Struggle To Afford Basic Necessities, Still Want Baby Number 11

Children are the greatest gifts we get from God, they help us realize the true meaning of life. Parenting teaches us valuable life lessons, but parenting is not an easy job. Having one kid can teach one the sense of responsibility, but having many kids teaches a lot more. Here is the story of a family that has not one, not two, but ten kids!

No book can teach you all you need to know about parenting. Whether it is the first kid or the second or even the third, there is always something new that the child ends up teaching the parent every single day. And taking care of the children can be the best responsibility that any of us would gladly oblige. But, there is no denying that having more than one kid is inexplicably tough. Here is a couple who already has a large happy family of ten kids and are trying for their eleventh one!

Clive and Louise Andrews are the proud parents of ten kids. This lovely couple does not have it easy. Life has been tough for them, especially with ten kids and the growing expenses. Every day there is a new challenge but the couple simply loves their life to its core. They love their ten children very much.

They do not have attractive jobs to make life easier nor do they own large properties to make life more comfortable. Louise works as a cleaner. She works part-time and is self-employed. The dad, Clive, on the other hand, stays at home and takes care of the children. Running a household with a single income is a struggle for any average family. Imagine then the burden of this large family! But they have nothing to complain at all, for they make the best of what they have and have maximum fun.

Clive loves his children so much that he simply does not want to leave them home and take up a job. He loves what he is doing and is a great stay-at-home-dad. He supports Louise by taking her load of finding someone responsible to take care of the kids when she is away. Louise, on the other hand, works as hard as she can and makes $400 per week. But this money is not enough to meet their expenses. The couple says that they have to often spend an average of nearly $1300 for groceries alone. And then there are the other expenses and all these are to be taken care of with Louise’ earnings. Imagining the situation itself makes it sound a little scary. But the couple does not have any regrets, given the chance and the luck, they are ready to have another child.

Each minute is challenging and the couple still loves it all, they have been trying hard to have another baby. But Louise’ health has not been supportive of this decision. After multiple pregnancies, Louise’ health has deteriorated. The last few pregnancies Louise had were tougher than her first ones. She had experienced palpitations during her pregnancies and, due to the palpitations, her doctor is very concerned about her next pregnancy. Her health conditions might lead to complicated pregnancies and this is something that is preventing them from actually having their next child. They are waiting for the doctor to evaluate Louise’ health and give a go-ahead. Once they get this reassurance the couple plan to have their next child to share all the love.

Clive, who is 50, and Louise who is 34, currently live with all of their children in a pair conjoined three bedroom houses in Lincolnshire, UK. The children consist of seven boys and three girls, all in the age group 5 months to 17 years. The 6 bedrooms available in total is shared among the family. One of the rooms acts as the common closet for the whole family and the remaining 5 bedrooms are shared by the family. The family has two cars to accommodate all the members when they all travel together.

Doing the laundry is something that every mother dreads, but Louise does 35 loads every week. Plus she has to cook for a group of twelve every single day, all this while also taking care of the tiny 5-month-old baby. The family ends up spending the little income on the essential expenses, and this leaves behind no money for vacations or celebrations. But every day is a fun celebration for this family, and every day is a busy day and they love it. The couple even says that they would love to have tons of other children if they could. Their children, however, have mixed opinions. Frankie, 8, feels that there are already too many kids in the house but Hallan, 14, loves the fact that they are never alone and they always have so many siblings to share their happiness with. Children would benefit a great deal from the love they get from their siblings and the love they shower on their siblings. And this is exactly what the couple has managed to give each of their ten children. They have so many siblings to be there for them, all through their life. Though the family struggles in a lot of ways and with the cash crunch that is nearly always there, the best part is that they all work together and take care of each other. They share their load and know their responsibilities and this is how the family manages to live through all the hardships that they face every single day. At the end of the day, they have lots of things to teach the world!

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