New York City firefighter plunges to his death from overpass – please pray for his family

We know fires are dangerous. We understand the risk firefighters take when they respond to an alarm, but we often only associate that danger to blazes.

Firefighters show up in many dangerous situations, including car accidents. It was in this capacity a New York City firefighter was fatally injured.

Steven H. Pollard died in the hospital after he fell more than 50 feet through a gap in the roadway while assisting in a two-car collision.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro shared the department and the city’s heart in a statement on Facebook. “It’s an incredibly sad night for the Pollard family, for the Fire Department family, and for our city. He lost his life tonight in the process of helping others.”

Pollard was the 1,151st member of NYFD to die on active duty. His sacrifice is why we revere and honor men and women who serve others so selflessly.

In a fantastic show of respect, many of his fellow firefighters lined the streets as his body was escorted from the hospital to the funeral home. The moving moment, captured on video, is below.

We pray for Pollards family, which also includes other firefighters, and ask the Lord to bring comfort and peace in this time of mourning.

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