New Puzzle Has People Stumped. Can you find the sleeping bunny hidden among the other bunnies?

Our latest viral quiz has a sleeping bunny snoozing away while hanging out with all his fellow bunnies. Can you find him?

Do you see the sleeping bunny yet?

In our latest puzzle creation, our artists have gone with a spring theme.

[SPOILER note: Still need help with the answer? Scroll down below! Just be careful if you’re still interested in finding the answer on your own!]

If you would like to try another, here is our mouse among the mushrooms puzzle.

Ready to give that noggin a good workout?  Can you find the mouse?

When you first see it, this optical illusion just consists of a lot of mushrooms. But somewhere in the picture, there’s a sneaky mouse hiding.

So, the challenge is to find the mouse perched on one of the mushroom! It’s easier said than done!

Can you do it? Ready, set and go!

Could you find it? I admit, this one is pretty tricky. Give it a few more seconds and if you can’t find it, keep scrolling!

Ok here is the answer!

The little guy was right there all along near the bottom left.

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