Natural Ways To Remove Skin Tags, Warts, Blackheads, Moles & Age Spots

As our bodies are God’s temple, we must learn to take care of them and keep them in tip-top shape. If we notice something wrong with our body, God wants us to fix it immediately so that we don’t face problems in the future. We should eat healthy food and exercise every day so that we have the energy and strength to spread God’s teachings. Age spots, moles, blackheads, warts, and skin tags are common problems with the skin that people deal with on a regular basis. When you get rid of these skin problems, it will have a massive positive impact on your confidence. Here are some natural ways to eliminate your skin problems

Skin tags – Lemon juice: You can remove skin tags with lemon juice as it makes them dry and causes them to fall off. Soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply it to the skin tag. Keep doing this until the skin tag falls off.

Skin tags – Aloe Vera: You can also remove skin tags with aloe vera because of its inflammatory properties. Rub its gel on skin tags every day until it falls off.

Warts – Vitamin C: Vitamin C has virus-fighting properties and will help in the removal of warts from your skin. Just apply a paste of powdered Vitamin C and water to the wart. Use a gauze or a band-aid to cover the mixture. Keep changing it until the wart goes away.

Blackheads – Baking soda: Mix baking soda and water in a small container to make it into a paste. Apply it on your face and let it settle for at least 10 minutes before washing it off.

Moles – Cumin and Tea Tree Oil: You can remove moles by applying two to three drops of tea tree oil on them regularly. You can also apply cumin paste to any moles for three weeks to remove them.

Age spots – Castor Oil: Apply castor oil on all your age spots with the help of a cotton ball every day. Over time, the age spots will disappear from your skin.

Please share these tips with your family and friends to teach them about these natural remedies!