Mom Works Tirelessly to Care For 54 Children

There is no definition to supermom, but people in Surkhet know that she comes in the form of Maggie Doyne.

Maggi, a New Jersey native was born to care for others. She co-founded the BlinkNow Foundation in 2007 with a mission to educate and to provide a caring and loving home for orphaned, poor, and at-risk children. She was just nineteen when she bought in Surkhet with babysitting money and built the Kopila Valley Children’s Home. She realized that she was born to bring about a change in others’ lives, and quickly proved that she was capable of doing more. Now her organization runs a safe house for girls, a school, and a women’s center.

In 2015 she was named CNN’s Hero of the Year. She, with her husband Jeremy, her daughter Ruby now lives in BlinkNow’s children’s home with 53 other children. She considers all children to be her own and cares for them as she cares for Ruby.

Caring for a family of 56 can be daunting, especially due to the pandemic that has given birth to a lot of fear. But Maggi is just another name for supermom. Though the family ran out of staples like bread, butter, and eggs, they are not only surviving growing their produce but also helping others in need.

Maggie and her team put together a kit with several items to give to her neighbors. They started procuring and scouring everywhere to get sufficient food to help single mothers, widowed women, and children. The team also mobilized the health and wellness team to help vulnerable families. To her community, Maggie is a supermom sent by God to help them in their time of need.

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