Mom With Coronavirus Gives Birth To Twins As Husband Was Fighting For His Life With Virus

Being pregnant and giving birth can be an anxious experience for many mothers. They need all the love, support and divine assistance that they can get, especially getting through the pain of labor. That’s under normal circumstances! But can you imagine giving birth to twins while your husband is battling for his life?

Clarkston, Michigan couple Jennifer and Andrew Laubach were pregnant with twins when the COVID 19 pandemic broke and added to the pressure. Andrew had a violent cough and struggled to breath normal. The couple had some symptoms and fought against it without realizing that they had the coronavirus.

There were several red flags that the couple failed to notice until the day Jennifer’s water broke, eight weeks before she was due. While on their way to the hospital, the doctor called to tell them that Andrew had tested positive. As he had the coronavirus, he couldn’t accompany Jennifer. She had to drop Andrew back home who was going to miss the birth of his children. She feared he would die in his sleep as he was extremely weak.

While in the hospital, Jennifer waited in an isolation room alone as she was assumed to be COVID19 positive as well. She gave birth to twin boys, Maksim and Mitchell who were kept in a quarantine ICU for newborns. Jennifer tested positive and was isolated from her family. It wasn’t until three weeks after the birth of the twins that Jennifer and Andrew were allowed to see their twin boys. The couple was blessed by God to have survived this ordeal, as well as take home their twin boys.

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