Mom Steps Into an Empty Grain Bin and Starts Singing ‘How Great Thou Art’

Jenny Mann from Ider, Alabama chose to sing her heart out in one of the most acoustic venues she could find – an empty grain bin.

The mom-of-three and substitute bus driver gave a performance that has found its way across the globe through social media.

The video that she quietly posted on Facebook shows her acapella singing the beloved Christian hymn, ‘How Great Thou Art.’

Her vocals are truly heavenly, and the inspiring hymn is further aided by the empty grain bin’s amazing acoustics.

The song was a request by one of Mann’s friends, and soon transitioned into ‘God Bless America’ at the end of the video, giving even more reason to watch this viral sensation.

Mann recorded herself singing the two songs and was surprised to see it had gained so much traction.

It was viewed over 2 million times and shared more than 39,000 times at the time of publication.

“I posted the video for a friend of mine who loves the song, but never expected anything like the response I’ve received,” Mann told Country Rebel.

“I’m always singing in places with good acoustics, so this was nothing out of the ordinary for me.”

Mann followed up her performance with a series of Facebook Live posts. Her most recent explains what her next steps will be after the grain bin performance.

Mann will take to Fox News & Friends to showcase her vocals before a live audience.

She wasn’t sure of the details when she posted but believed that she would appear on Wednesday or Thursday this week.

In her Facebook Live post, Mann explained how thankful she was for the responses she has received on the video.

“I’m excited, and I’m overwhelmed,” she said. “If this just reaches one person to share the love of Jesus, it was worth it.”

Mann added, “It is fun, but at the same time it is very humbling.”

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