Mom Said, “Go To Bed,” But Her Twins’ Response Catches Everyone Off Guard!

Children are blessings, and twins are double the blessing! It is no question that raising two babies at once is a challenge, but it is also so rewarding. These two twin boys are adorable, and they sure keep their mother busy!

Bedtime can be very stressful for young children and their parents, but this mom has some serious skills in getting her twins to go to bed. Instead of hating the word “bedtime,” her twins handle it like pros and run right into their bedrooms. Now, wouldn’t we all love it if our children would do that?!

What makes bedtime so special in this home is that these boys get to climb into their cribs themselves and they make an adventure out of it! Mom stands close by to make sure everyone is safe and able to be tucked in, and then it’s lights out until the morning! Now, this mom sure knows what she’s doing, and she has to with two crazy twin boys!

Watch their incredible bedtime routine in the video below:

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