Mom Hears Husband Screaming from Upstairs, Finds 2-Year-Old Daughter Dead in Crib

Children are God’s gifts to parents! There is no other love like the one a parent has for a child, that is why losing a child is one of the worst pains a person could ever feel.

It was Feb. 28, 2016, when Keri and Larry Volmert put their beloved 17-month-old daughter, Sammie, to bed. It was just like every other night, but little did they know this was the last time they would see their little girl alive. Early the next morning Keri was down in the kitchen when she heard her husband desperately scream for her from upstairs. Immediately Keri just knew something was very wrong and she became frozen in place. Larry kept screaming her name and finally came running down to her with lifeless Sammie in his arms. He began crying and said the words that no parent should ever have to hear: “I think Sammie is dead.”

They called 911 and first responders came to their home as quickly as possible and took the little girl to the emergency room. Unfortunately, the attempts to resuscitate Sammie in failed and the little girl was pronounced dead 55 minutes later. But, Sammie’s tragic death was not a result of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Instead, it was discovered that Sammie had actually died overnight of hyperthermia.

It was later discovered that when Keri brought Sammie to bed that night, the room temperature was set at 72 degrees. Somehow, though, the heat malfunctioned and by the time Sammie’s parents discovered her in the morning, the temperature in the room had risen to be over 100 degrees.“As soon as I got to the top of the stairs, it was very warm — I mean, hot,” Larry said. “I ran to her room, opened her door, and found her passed away.”

“She did not make a noise at all,” Keri said. “We always heard her if she cried.” That same night the couple’s 3-year-old son, whose name is Jackson, was sleeping in his parents’ room. If the little boy had not been with his parents in their room that night, he would have most likely died of hyperthermia as well. But, thank God he was kept safe!

Keri shared her story on Facebook, hoping that this information could save other babies. “There is a cheap temperature monitor I could have would have had If I had heard of even one instance where a child could die by a heater not turning off like it is supposed to,” Keri wrote. “We want others (especially those with two-story homes) to hear Sammie’s story so that children can be protected and other families spared from the horrific grief we are forced to endure each day.”

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