Mom has severe headaches for 9 months, then doctors scan brain and find tapeworm eggs

There are times when we encounter a truly crazy medical story. Some are more positive than others and end up with a great outcome — but here’s one that’s definitely not for the fainthearted.

31-year-old Texas mother Yadira Rostro was enduring near-constant headaches and troubled vision for around a year. While we all get a bit of a headache every now and then, Yadira’s were constant and debilitating. She eventually made the decision that she had to get herself checked.

But when she went in to the doctor, she could never have imagined that tapeworms would be the cause of her pain.

Yadira realized that she had had enough of her bothersome and quite painful headaches and went to visit the hospital to be examined.

Doctors quickly ordered a CT scan for Yadira. When the results were displayed, they found that something was very wrong. At first, they figured that it could be a brain tumor.

They placed a more nuanced MRI and that’s when doctors were able to identify the actual culprit: Yadira had sacs of larvae in her brain — which amounted to 8 tapeworm eggs in fact.

Doctors said that they thought that they’d been stuck in her brain for about 2 years, following a trip to Mexico Yadira had taken. They were likely due to consuming contaminated water.

According to neurosurgeon Dr. Richard Meyrat, fluid built up over time as the eggs grew, leading to Yadira’s horrible headaches. And of course, inside those eggs were small tapeworms.

Thankfully, the tiny parasites could be easily removed through surgery and Yadira has since fully recovered from her difficult diagnosis.

Take a look at the report below about Yadira’s rare but rather stomach-churning condition.

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