Mom gives birth to healthy baby in delivery room: 6 weeks later, begins to vomit and ultrasound reveals the incredible

Eliza and Ben were excited about being parents. They were expecting their first baby and preparing the best way they could. Thinking of baby names, a crib, baby showers and more. Finally, it was time to deliver the baby.

When their daughter Charlie came into the world, the couple was thrilled. They brought her home and started their life as a family.


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Feels like just yesterday we brought you home! 😟

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Shortly after Charlie’s birth, Eliza started to feel bad. The threw up and felt weak in general. She went to the doctor to get checked out.

After a series of questions and tests, doctors gave Eliza an ultrasound. To their shock, Eliza was currently pregnant with twins!

The ultrasound showed two little babies inside her tummy! This phenomenon is known as superfetation or a double pregnancy. It is incredibly rare in humans and happens if a woman continues to ovulate during pregnancy.

Eliza was very happy to be expecting twins. She decided to share her journey on her second pregnancy and posted images of her expanding tummy on social media. She documented how she felt physically and continued with images showing her belly size. She continued to grow and grow.

Jack and Wolfe were born 9 months later and now the family was a total of 5.

Charlie is happy to be a big sister of two little boys and adores them very much.

“Her hobbies include headbutting them in an attempt to ‘give them a kiss’,” explains the mother of 3.

Congratulations to the entire family!

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