Mom brought her daughter’s fever down with a strange home remedy of onions in socks

When kids are sick, mothers around the world make their babies feel better by doing everything they can. You heard about a hot shower and chicken soup. However, have you ever heard of onions in socks?

When Riley Madison, 3, of the Riley Madison blog, had cold symptoms and a temperature of 103.9 degrees, her mom went to Pinterest looking for a remedy.

She found a remarkable cure with Chinese roots. Healthy Wild & Free lifestyle website explains the beliefs of Chinese medicine that the feet are points of direct access, or meridians, to internal organs. In fact, the feet with their direct pathways to the organs have about 7,000 nerve endings.

Healthy Wild and Free suggests sleeping with onions or garlic in your socks in order to open those paths and thus cleanse your organs.

But… Healthy wild and free says onions, with garlic, is known to cleanse the air. The phosphorous acid that produces water for your eyes also kills and purifies your blood. The additional benefit of onions is the cleansing of the air and has been used since plagues attacked England when onions were halved and left open in a room to purify the air and prevent infections.

Riley’s mom then sliced an onion and placed the pieces in the socks of her daughter’s feet, and tucked Riley in bed.

Just after that, her father was suffering from flu symptoms, and Riley began vomiting. Riley’s mother gave her daughter a spoon-full of medicine and sent her dad to bed with onions in his socks.

Riley and her dad both seemed miraculously healed the next morning.

“I feel great!” said Riley as she ate an egg and sausage breakfast the following day.

Riley and her mother give the home remedy “two thumbs up!”

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