Meghan Markle Reportedly Made Kate Middleton Cry Again During Archie’s Baptism Rehearsal


The palace employees were not surprised by the heated conflict. Officials say it has been brewing for a while.

Cambridge’s Duchess was not pleased, according to New Idea, when she was concerned that Sussex’s Duke and Duchess would steal the spotlight from their son’s baptism. Reportedly, Middleton thought that they disrespected the monarchy by “playing by their own rules.” Markle allegedly confronted Middleton during the rehearsal for Archie’s christening and advised the future queen to not steal their moment.

“It began when Meghan asked Kate not to do anything at the christening to steal her thunder. Kate was quite amazed and said that she would never do that, which only put Meghan off more, “sources told the outlet at Buckingham Palace.

Markle was apparently upset when she learned that at Wimbledon Middleton was going to see her friend Serena Williams. Markle aired her grievances to Middleton, wanting to get it off of her chest.

“After that Kate was very angry and shaken visibly. She knows that Meghan is emotional at the moment and at the rehearsal took it all out on her, but it didn’t make it any easier to take, “said the insider.

“She attempted to keep it in,” but finally left the rehearsal in tears and she had to be comforted by Prince William. “It was awful,” the source said. This wasn’t the first time Markle made Middleton cry, a family friend revealed the two duchesses had a conflict over Princess Charlotte’s dress for Markle’s big day.

On the wedding day of his uncle Harry, Princess Charlotte was among the bridesmaids. But there were very few fittings and it was all left to the last minute and described as stressful for everyone.

Middleton supposedly “left in tears” after the incident, but what really upsets Cambridge’s Duchess remains uncertain. Several sources said it might be due to the amount of stress surrounding the wedding participants.

At Archie’s baptism, Prince William and Middleton were present. However, in the image, they hid the “sour” and “dissatisfied” face of the Duke of Cambridge. They felt Prince William was rude and disrespectful because he looked like he had better things to do.

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