Man Decides To Devote His Life To Saving Senior Animals In Need Of Forever Homes

A secure home is a blessing that many are deprived of. Many times while we travel on the road we might see a friendly tail wagging and eyes looking at us filled with all the love and hope you can find in the world. The usual reaction to such a warm response is a cold shrug. We go straight to a different direction trying to avoid these animals. But there are a few amongst us whose heart melts at such sights. It is these humans whose humanity creates tales of love and loyalty for future generations.  

Steve Greig faced the toughest moment of his life when he had to lay his beloved dog to rest. The period of grief was long and lonely. One day he took a decision to share his love with those who did not have a home. He headed to the local animal shelter in Denver to find a friend. Unlike other people who would go for the cute and adorable ones, Steve decided that his adoption criterions would be different.

He specifically looked for senior dogs who did not have a chance of finding a forever home. The decision which he took that day has now given him a home where he has given shelter to 10 dogs. He has become a social media success through his Instagram account which gives a glance into his large brood in action.

It is not just fun and play in this house. A usual day begins at 5 in the morning. Steve has to prepare different breakfasts for his extended family of pets. Frequent visits to the vet along with walks are part of his schedule. The surprising thing is that Steve seems to go through all this with a smile on his face, he seems unhindered by all the tasks at hand. For Steve, all the weariness melts away the moment he reaches home to be showered with hugs and kisses by his pets.

Most of the senior dogs are easy to build a relationship with. They have a greater understanding of themselves and they know what they want from life. Steve loves to give them the care that they deserve during the final stage of their life.

Apart from dogs Steve also has a collection of other varieties of pets. These include chickens, cats, pigeons, ducks and a very lively pig who responds to the name Bikini. At present his house is overflowing with animals but this does not stop his strong desire to adopt more pets. He wants to give shelter to more senior dogs, for him love cannot be limited by the physical confines of a house.

Growing up in a house filled with animals Steve feels more at home now than he has ever felt before. Steve and his gang of pets show the true bond between animals and humans.

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