‘Longest-Married Couple’ Celebrates Historic 85th Wedding Anniversary!

Men and women were never meant to live alone without the company of each other. If there were no holy union between a man and a woman, how would they be blessed with children? The Lord preaches on the ideal relationship between a married couple where each is by the other’s during sickness and in health. Only true love makes the union and the commitment shared between two people even stronger.

Ann and John Betar were unofficially recognized by the Worldwide Marriage Encounter as the longest married couple in 2013. Coming to the present, this year they celebrated their 85th wedding anniversary, together. The couple went on their first date when John was 21 and Ann was 17 back in 1932. After spending a few days together, the couple realized that they were meant to be and wed on 25th November 1932. During an interesting wedding ceremony, they cemented their commitment to each other against the wishes of their parents by eloping. The 106-year-old John is still smitten by his beautiful wife, who is now 102, just like he was 85 years ago.

Together they have five children, 15 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren. The entire family met to celebrate the event of the year in Connecticut. There was a special surprise for the couple: they were presented with a replica of the car they went on their first date in: a Ford Rooster. The long road down memory lane was filled with nothing but smiles as the couple kissed in the car, just like they did on their first date. John told his wife Ann, “Like old times” as he leaned in to kiss her.

If anyone can truly advise on what it takes to make a marriage work, it is this couple. Ann’s advice for any couple is simple, “Listen to one another no matter what the situation is. We’re not arguing, we’re listening and we’ve always listened.” There it is: listening is always the key.

In a time where marriages seem to last shorter, such a relationship comes as a breath of fresh air. The idea of long-term commitment is not a thing of the past or old fashioned, it still exists. Like everything else in life, marriages take time. Relationships strengthen with every fight and argument. The greatest mistake that this generation makes is by talking without listening. Two people in an argument will never reach a conclusion when neither is heard. Everyone has a point, it doesn’t take a lot to listen and understand.

True love still exists and marriages do last. The next time you have an argument with your spouse, don’t jump into accusations but listen to what they have to say first before you respond.

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