Judges sob after children’s choir’s cover of old mega hit forces them to slam Golden Buzzer

We imagine that every aspiring artist has dreams of large venues, loud, adoring crowds, and the opportunity to showcase their unique talents to the world.

Now, gathering the courage to do such a thing is no small task, and many never end up taking the plunge and putting their talents out into the world.

Thankfully, that was not the situation when a choir full of kids walked out onto the stage in front of the infamous Simon Cowell. Although they probably looked unassuming, the children from Flakefleet Primary School had a trick up their sleeve that would wow the crowd.

There’s hardly anyone who questions the amazing nature or sheer magnitude of Queen’s hit “Don’t Stop Me Now”. The song showcased the vocal brilliance of the band perfectly, and has been covered thousands of times since the original release.

And despite this, the children from Flakefleet Primary weren’t prepared to let that stop them. Taking to the stage with unbelievable enthusiasm, their rendition of the classic led the judges to laugh and have an incredible time.

What’s even crazier is that there are seemingly no nerves present in these kids.

In fact, their verion of the hit was so powerful that it earned them a Golden Buzzer from judge David Walliams, along with a lot of due praise from the typically harsh judge Simon Cowell.

Check out the video below to see for yourself!

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