Judges Are Baffled By Act’s Bizarre Bodysuits And Then The Acrobats Perform

Britain’s Got Talent has brought us some amazing acts through the years and we never quite know what to expect anymore! And even though tough judge Simon Cowell has been a judge on several of these shows for years, he still gets surprised from time to time as well!

One act that completely amazed Simon was the Russian acrobat group called Angara Contortion. The group consisted of four contortionists who were all dressed in skin-tight blue bodysuits. The group told the judges they’d traveled a very long way for the audition, but they wouldn’t let a little jet lag stop them from putting on an amazing show. You could tell that these girls were definitely up to something when they walked out on stage, but you will be blown away when you see what they actually did!

The audience was mesmerized by this crazy routine, and so were the judges! “That was one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen on this show,” said judge David Williams. Alesha Dixon, another impressed judge, told them, “That was just a visual treat! I’m in awe!”

Watch this incredible audition in the video below:

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