“It is a miracle and it is what we wanted.” Gil ‘the Wonder Dog’ gets a forever home


Gil finally has a forever home, after being shot in the spine, with only two working legs and a year in foster care.

“it’s a miracle,” said Kimberly Kelly’s foster mom. “It’s a miracle for this guy and it is what we wanted.” Gil’s going to live on a ranch in Durango, Colo. Open fields and new furry friends will surround him to play.

“We were really not sure where we were going to find that perfect family,” Nancy Young Wright said, who was the first person to help him after he was shot. “but, all along, we had actually been kind of describing this very family.” While he left town, Gil made an impact in this community.

On Saturday night people came to the Tucson Hop Shop, wishing him goodbye and give to Cody’s Friends, an organization that helped donate supplies to Gil when he was in need.

“I’m so pleased, but I have a lot of mix emotions,” Kelly said.

She mentioned that saying goodbye to him feels like someone in her family is leaving.

“When you take on an animal like this, and we’ve had him in our care for the past year, he’s a part of our lives and he always will be,” said Kelly.

Kelly said she has become close to the family adopting him and she’s planning to see him at least one time a year in Colorado.

His impact will remain forever as he wheels off to a new adventure.

“I truly think Gil has taught me to be happy,” said Kelly. “He’s taught me how in the face of adversity, how you persevere, and how to be happy and thriving above all of that.”

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