‘I’d Still Be Going To Hell’ Steve Harvey breaks down on show

Steve Harvey’s has had his share of ups and downs. But he’s been trying to use his place as a Christian celebrity to inspire others since his mom led him to Jesus so many years ago.

The unwavering faith and charming character of Duranice Pace had already been cheered by everyone. But during an interview with the gospel singer, she broke into song over and over again.

“This is Steve Harvey, he’s a good man. He loves the Lord and he’ll give you a helping hand. God’s going to bless Steve Harvey,” she sang. “Keep on, keep on, you helped me to live, sir, keep on … you special.”

Not only did the words of Duranice have Steve Harvey in tears, but they motivated him to open up with his late mom about the final moments he shared.

Steve’s mom was a devout Christian and she died in 1997.

“I just hope she’s seeing today, watching this moment right here,” a tearful Steve told Duranice Pace. “The only reason I straightened up and started doing right was ’cause I just wanna see her. Other than that, I’d still be going to Hell like I was.”

Through people, God can move. Steve Harvey informed Duranice Pace that he was profoundly touched by her visit to his show in a manner that he did not expect.

“You think I’m helping you, but you really helping me. I thank you because this was for me,” Steve said.

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