Husband Watches As Wife Goes Blind, Still Does The Sweetest Things Everyday And She Has No Idea!

They say that God’s love is the only unconditional love. But, sometimes we get pretty close to that right here on Earth. We are blessed with people in our lives who show us every day that we are loved and cared for, through whom God’s unconditional love for us shines through. You may have a family that loves you wholeheartedly, friends that accept and understand who you are and love you for it, or a partner that loves you selflessly.

Jubilee Project is a media company devoted to making “human-centric videos that challenge conventional thinking, bridge people together, and inspire love”. The guys here came up with a short film titled “Blind Devotion” and, it leaves everyone who watches it on a bittersweet note, with teary eyes. Why? Because it shows just how pure and unconditional one husband’s love for his wife is, even in the face of life-changing hardships.

In the video, we are introduced to the story of a loving couple, Louie and Cecilia, who are happily married. You can clearly see how much they enjoy each other’s company and how they show their love for each other through the little things. Cecilia says of Louie, “I love him even though his snoring wakes me up every morning”. Every wife who has a snoring husband will understand how much this means. They would scare each other awake in the morning and have pillow fights on the bed to get the other to apologize.

We see Cecilia making her husband his favorite “eggs with everything” in the morning for breakfast. We see her doing all the laundry, even though Louie offers to share the load, because her mother always told her, “A man with dirty clothes is a man not loved by his wife.” Cecilia says, “… I know it’s old-fashioned, but now his whites are always white and all his co-workers will know he’s loved.” And every time she leaves the house for work, she “feels him watching her leave” and that’s how she knows that Louie loves her. These are just some examples of the many ways they show how much they mean to each other.

As the short film progresses, Cecilia realizes that there is something wrong with her eyes. She finds that she cannot see properly, and even almost got hit by a
car on her way to work. She goes to the doctor and learns that she is suffering from a rare disease that causes her eyesight to deteriorate and one day, will eventually lose her sight.

She decides not to tell her husband, even though she finds it extremely difficult to come to terms with the reality she has to face now. “A rare disease I can barely pronounce is taking over my vision and I will probably lose my whole career over it,” she says. As hard as she tries to hide the truth, it has affected her to the point that she is unable to do or enjoy the things she once used to love. Even simple things like scaring each other awake in the morning. When Louie tried scaring her one morning, she shouts at her husband, leaving him confused and apologizing profusely. She finds it difficult to cook “eggs over everything” for her husband, because she cannot see the vegetables she is cutting, sometimes, even dropping them.

Cecilia finds that she cannot even do the laundry anymore, saying “The people he works with are going to think I stopped caring about him.” She throws the laundry across the room and breaks down on the floor. When Louie offers to help and ask her what’s wrong, she pushes him away. But finally, she reluctantly tells him what has been happening to her, how she is going blind and how it is difficult for her to accept that fact.

“I can’t help but think that I’m becoming his patient, not his partner. Maybe he’d be happier with someone else. Someone who won’t be a burden,” Cecilia says, sharing what she thinks is best for her husband. But what Louie thinks and how he approaches the entire situation is entirely different from her wife’s.
The short film then switches to Louie’s perspective, where he narrates to the viewers his thoughts on his wife going blind and how he looks out for her behind the scene. Since Cecilia does not want him to help her because she feels like a burden, he decides to be his guardian without her even knowing.

“I want to wake up every morning and tell her that I love her, that it’s all going to be okay. But she doesn’t want to hear any of it,” he says. Even though he wants to do the cooking and the laundry, Cecilia says she wants to continue doing them all. In her many attempts to not cause any problem for her husband because of her disease, she even insists on going to work and taking the bus alone, like she always does.

Towards the end of the short film, Louie, revealing how he sweetly takes care of her without her knowledge says, “My heart stops every time I think about her crossing the streets of downtown. So even though she doesn’t want me to, I follow her every day without her knowing.” The video then shows him following his wife to her office, walking behind her while she crosses the street to make sure she’s okay, riding in the same bus and sitting behind her, and going inside her office, and asking her co-workers to help her, never leaving until she is seated safely in her seat. Even at home, he keeps the vegetables where she can reach them easily while she cooks.

“Because that’s what true love is, right? There’s more than just a feeling. It’s an action,” Louie says. “Cecilia will never know how much I do for her, and I don’t ever need her to know. That’s how I still love her, even though she doesn’t want me to.”

In just 8 minutes and 53 seconds, this powerful short story will make you believe that true, unconditional love can be found in the world.

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