Hospital Gathers To Pray for Staff & Patients, As They Also Say Goodbye to 2 Nurses

May God be Their Strength

Some professions by virtue of the work involved, bring people closer to God. While we might expect that those who see a lot of pain and suffering would find it hard to believe in an ever loving Father, the opposite is actually true. When things get tough and almost too much to bear people turn to God and seek refuge in His mercy. This happens over and over again because it works, and those who turn to God always find peace.

A Nurses’ Prayer

Being a nurse is one of the hardest professions there are. Having to deal with suffering and death, work long hours and yet show love and compassion takes a lot out of a person. Nurses are a blessing to society and we all need to pray for them. What is heartening is knowing that nurses too pray for each other and their patients.
Sonia M. Diaz a nurse at Covenant Health Hospital shared a video of the staff praying over two nurses who were leaving to work at other hospitals. In the video it is clear to see how deep the faith of these nurses runs and how strongly they believe in the power of prayer. In what is an extremely moving and emotional video we hear the prayer of the nurse where she asks God to guide the two nurses and to give them patience, strength and love. All the other nurses join in by raising their hands in blessing.

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