High school principal took a 12-day road trip and traveled 800 miles to personally visit 612 graduating seniors at their homes

The graduating class of 2020 has expressed their disappointment online with not being able to have a graduation ceremony because of the ongoing pandemic, and who can blame them? After spending almost all your life in school, you are finally going to graduate and you would want to walk across the stage and receive your diploma with your classmates and family cheering for you. Someone who goes above and beyond to make sure the people under their care feel valued and appreciated is someone who is heaven-sent. Especially during such a difficult time, when the world is fighting the coronavirus, some people still find the strength to do wonderful things for other people.

Ok…how long does it take a 66 year old, fat, bald principal and his smoking hot wife to make home visits to 612…

Posted by Virdie Montgomery on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Although the current situation may not allow this to happen, the graduating seniors of Wiley High School in Wylie, Texas definitely received the next best thing. Their principal, Virdie Montgomery, along with his wife, decided to embark on a 12-day road trip to personally visit all 612 graduating seniors.

After completing the iconic road trip, the principal had travelled a total of 79 hours over 800 miles, and visited 636 addresses.

Posted by Virdie Montgomery on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The students welcomed the visit from their principal, which Virdie said, made all the tiring travel worth it. Even though a graduation ceremony will likely not happen soon, giving the graduating students some sort of celebration and having a smile on their faces thanks to their principal’s dedication was definitely something that made their day. Parents also commended Virdie and praised him for the thoughtful gesture.

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