Heroic 5-Year-Old Spots Fire And Rushes To Save 13 People From Flames

We are taught the dangers of fire at a very young age. While we teach children about fire safety, we hope that they never really have to learn the lessons.

When a duplex fire started late in the night, Jayden Espinosa, five years old, had to apply the lessons he learned in fire safety. Not just that, the rest of the people in the house had to wake up so they could escape too.


One night, Jayden went to his aunt’s house and in the middle of the night he woke up to the smell of smoke, at approximately 4 am. He looked outside and saw the house was on fire. Although Jayden was afraid, his aunt and sisters who slept during the events woke up.

Jayden stopped on the lower level of the house while on his way to safety to alert them to the fire. They, too, slept through it and said that they would have probably not have survived the fire if it wasn’t for Jayden.

A total of 13 people, seven adults and six children, all of whom survived thanks to the quick alertness of Jayden.

When asked how he knew what to do, Jayden said to reporters,’ because I’m clever and I’m brilliant.’ His mother was grateful for her son being there the night he was’ at the right place at right time’ to save so many. Clearly, many lives would have been lost if it wasn’t for him.

While nobody was hurt (thanks to Jayden), the house and everything they had was destroyed by fire. Those who live there have lost many cherished items that they never will be able to get back. Fortunately, the American Red Cross helped the displaced family.

The situation shows, despite the unfortunate circumstances, that these safety lessons are important and that everybody can be a hero!

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