Where Was God During These School Shootings? Read A Message From Billy Graham

It’s a question I hear often. “Where was GOD during this horrible tragedy?”

Looking for answers, I ran across something the late Billy Graham said recently before his death on February 21st of this year. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is a well-known advice column where readers post their queries and get their answers from Evangelist Billy Graham. Billy Graham has won the respect of people all over the world. For 61 years, he has gained a place in the list of the annual “Gallop Poll: Most Admired Man and Woman.”

A worried reader recently posted a complaint in the advice column. He wrote about the many troubles he had recently faced. “I begged God to solve them, but nothing happened. Where was God in all this?” The response Billy Graham gave seems to cover all the times we ask “Where was God?”  “Where was God during the school shooting?  Where was God when my child died of cancer?  Where was God when I lost my home? His answer is something that gives a fitting reply to those moments where we have our doubts about God’s presence.

Quoting a verse from The Bible, Graham said that God is always compassionate.

This is a fact that one should never doubt even during the toughest times. Proceeding to explain that we do not always have the answers to everything in this world, Graham wrote, “Frankly, I wish I knew why God allows hard times to come to us, but I don’t- not fully”.

He then explained that in life, good and evil are both equally real. Just like there are good times, there are times when the evil in life starts dominating as well. But then we know that nothing really lasts forever. And he also reminded that God doesn’t take His eyes off His children.

He understands the pain that His children go through when evil takes over and He has felt that pain when His Son, Jesus Christ, was crucified and He will always feel the pain when any of his children suffer. But then we know about Jesus’ resurrection after he was crucified and that is proof enough to show that there is always a hope, a hope that we can start fresh and a hope that evil would not be able to show its strength forever. Graham explained that when things go bad, we have a choice to make.

A choice to either break and lose our faith in God or to approach Him with an unwavering trust and thus gain strength.

Listen to Billy Graham talk about “The Holy Spirit and You”

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