Glen Payne Makes His Last Emotional Performance 2 Months Before His Death Via Phone With The Cathedrals

Glen Payne was diagnosed with Liver cancer in 1999 during the Cathedrals farewell tour. He was at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, TN when the Cathedrals traveled to the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY. Much to the surprise of the audience, he made a special appearance, over the phone from his hospital room, with a stirring rendition of “I Won’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone.” It would be his last public performance, as he died almost two months later on October 15, 1999. Roger Bennett covered Glen’s vocals and they finished out the tour for the fans, because Glen made George promise to meet their obligations. Glen and the younger guys had sung before without George a few times when he was ill, and George felt like he owed him and the fans. Instead of calling Glen the old man, George turned the old man jokes on himself. However, as well as they sang, and as good as they put on these shows, going on without Glen was tough. They did it the same way they always sang, with class.

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